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Birthdate:Nov 7
Location:Hinaus, The Third Country

This is the thing that troubles me,
for I cannot forget Carcosa,
where black stars hang in the heavens,
where the shadows of men's thoughts
lengthen in the afternoon,
when the twin suns sink into the Lake of Hali,
and my mind will bear forever
the memory of the Pallid Mask.

-- The King in Yellow

* * *

The path of memory is neither straight nor safe, and we travel down it at our own risk...

In a perfect world, it occurs to me now, I would write this in blood, not ink.
One cannot lie, if one writes in blood. There is too much responsibility:
and all the ghosts of those one has killed will rise up and twist the pen down true lines,
change the written word to the unwritten as the red lines fade on the page to brown.

-- Mister Punch

* * *

When you say love
is a simple chemical reaction,
can't say I agree,
because my chemicals
left me a beautiful disaster.

Still, love's all I see.

-- Anna Nalick

* * *
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